Together for the Welfare of Dogs

Enrico Bachmann: Founder of Hundeo. Book Author. 

About me

I have been fascinated by dogs since my childhood. This passion led to the creation of Hundeo. My goal? A harmonious coexistence between humans and dogs. We use modern, reward-based methods to promote bonding and understanding. Hundeo stands for simplicity, fun and above all holistic help in the education, nutrition and care of the dog.

My story

Born and raised in vibrant Berlin, my career took off. Although I had initially only completed an apprenticeship as a retail salesman, over time I immersed myself in the real estate industry and developed into a successful real estate agent.

But despite the professional success, another, deeper interest soon awoke in me. The desire to make a difference and stand up for those who have no voice: the dogs.

The decisive turning point came when my partner and I adopted a puppy named Nacho in 2016. At that moment, Hundeo was born - a platform based on the latest science and focused on the principle of "rewarding instead of punishing".

My goal was to provide dog owners with a sound, yet easy to understand guide to holistic education for their beloved four-legged friends. During this time, I also wrote my first book, The Barf Bible, and expanded my knowledge of dog nutrition. Working closely with veterinarians and dog trainers, I strove to create Hundeo, the best source for dogs' overall well-being.

In 2021, Hundeo finally launched its own app, which has now been downloaded over 500,000 times and is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Any questions?

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